Money Lines vs. Run Lines

This concept is not hard to understand, but when you are inside a sportsbook all of the green, red, white, yellow, blue, and purple lights illuminating the board can make it hard to process. I will explain the difference between the money line and the run line, and when it is advantageous to bet either way.

First let’s start with the basics; the Money Line (denoted on the board as ML) means the bettor is strictly betting on who will win the game, match, fight, etc. Betting on the Money Line does not include a spread (a spread is the amount of points the sportsbook has decided to add/subtract from a team depending on whether they are favored to win or not; also known as a line). Think of it as making a bet with your friend; whoever wins the game wins.

The Run Line (denoted on the board as RL, or Line) is a little different because this way of betting takes the spread into account. For example this weekend the Oregon Ducks are playing the Arizona Wildcats. Oregon is ranked number 10 in the nation, so in this game they are considered the favorite. The line, or spread, on this game is 16 points; therefore, Oregon is -16, and on the other side Arizona is +16. This means that if you bet on Oregon they must win by more than 16 points to cover the spread, in order for you to win your bet, and vice versa.

It is important to remember there are different odds involved when betting on Money Lines and Run Lines. Obviously the odds of you winning a Money Line bet are better than you winning a Run Line bet because there is not spread involved on a Money Line bet. Run Line bets give you the opportunity to win more money, but Money Line bets are easier to win. If the team you’re betting on is going to win by a large margin, take the Run Line; if it will be close and you can’t afford to give up points take the Money Line, or the Run Line with the opposing team.

Prediction(s):   Oregon to cover the 16pt. spread at Arizona.             

Stats: Oregon is 1-2 covering spreads this year.They lost to the LSU Tigers 40-27; they were -3. They won against the Nevada Wolfpack 69-20; they were -27.5. They won against Missouri State 56-7; they were -54.

Reasoning: LSU was their first game of the season and is now ranked #2 in the nation. The spread of 54 is a very hard spread to cover and they still almost covered. I think they will be able to handle the 16 points against Arizona; plus it is a conference game, so they will be wanting to make a statement.


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