Prop Bets

Most sportsbooks have these things called prop bets. These are bets such as: the amount of field goals kicked in a certain game by a certain team, who will win in each half (with spreads), over/under for each quarter or half, total interceptions thrown, total fumbles lost, and sometimes even which team will win the coin toss. These are mostly seen in big games like the Super Bowl or big playoff games.

Lately however I have been seeing prop bet cards to parlay. They are called “Sports Book Exclusives.” It seems as if they are only for the NFL and contain the Sunday night game, the Monday night game, and any big match-up that is worth listing. For example last Monday’s card looked like this:

Colts at Buccs:

1st Half … Colts +6.5

2nd Half … Colts +4

1st quarter over/under … 7

2nd quarter over/under … 13.5

3rd quarter over/under … 7.5

4th quarter over/under … 12.5

Total made field goals by Colts over/under … 1.5

Total made field goals by Buccs over/under … 1.5

Total interceptions (both teams combined) over/under … 2

They are very very hard to pick but it definitely makes the games more interesting to watch. Throwing 2 dollars down on a 5-teamer (in this case 5-picker) to collect 40 isn’t a bad idea (the odds are pretty much the same as a regular parlay card referenced in Parlays vs. Straight Bets). I wouldn’t recommend getting too into this type of betting though because like I mentioned earlier, they are very hard to predict. This is just some more general knowledge about possible bets they have available to bettors in a casino sportsbook.


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