49ers – Lions Breakdown

Of all the games scheduled for Week 6 in the National Football League (NFL) the San Francisco 49ers at the Detroit Lions is the most intriguing one. Who would have thought anyone would be saying that based on these teams’ previous seasons:

  49ers’ Record W/L Lions’ Record W/L
2010 6-10 6-10
2009 8-8 2-14
2008 7-9 0-16
2007 5-11 7-9

 The fact of the matter is that these are not the same teams from past years; they have new, young, and exciting talent. So far the 49ers are 4-1, with their one loss coming in overtime against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Lions stand at an undefeated 5-0. This Sunday we will get to see which team has better, new-found talent.

The 49ers have not exactly beaten good opponents this season: Seattle Seahawks (2-3), Cincinnati Bengals (3-2), Philadelphia Eagles (1-4), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2). However, they are winning the games they are supposed to win. In a weak NFC WEST conference, I’m expecting them to make the playoffs this year.

The same could be said about the Lions, who have beaten: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2), Kansas City Chiefs (2-3), Minnesota Vikings (1-4), Dallas Cowboys (2-2), and Chicago Bears (2-3).

The match-up breaks down with the 49ers coming in 2-0 on the road and the Lions 2-0 at home. On offense the Lions are averaging 380 total yards per game (283.8 passing, 95.8 rushing) scoring 31.8 points per game; the 49ers are averaging 300 total yards per game (183 passing, 117.2 rushing) scoring 28.4 points per game. On defense the Lions are allowing 17.8 points per game, while the 49ers are only allowing 15.6 points per game.

When it comes down to it I think the Lions will be too tough at home this week. Their defensive line is stacked and the 49ers do not have a cornerback who can lock down Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, who has 9 touchdowns in the first five games. Take the Detroit Lions.

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