Betting Recap

So at this point in the season I like to look back on how I am doing so far with my bets. The reality is that you can not win all of the games you bet (as most of you bettors have probably found out), but if you can get close to a 70 percent win percentage you are doing alright. The picks that I have provided so far on twitter and my blog have turned out as follows:  

NCAA FB Week 4:

  • Oregon -16 at Arizona (win)

NCAA FB Week 5:

  • Taxas A&M M/L (money line) vs. Arkansas (loss)
  • Clemson +7 at Virginia Tech (win)
  • Alabama -4 at Florida (win)
  • Nebraska +9.5 at Wisconsin (loss)
  • Stanford -20.5 vs. UCLA (win)

NCAA FB Week 6:

  • Oregon -24 vs. California (win)
  • Money Lines:
    • Texas A&M (win)
    • Illinois (win)
    • West Virginia (win)
    • BYU (win)
    • Georgia Tech (win)
    • Baylor (win)
    • South Carolina (win)
    • Florida State (loss)
    • Oklahoma (win)
    • Alabama (win)
    • Clemson (win)
    • Stanford (win)
    • Oklahoma State (win)
    • LSU (win)

NCAA FB Week 7:

  • Alabama -25 at Ole Miss (win)
  • Stanford -21.5 at Washington State (win)
  • LSU -15 at Tennessee (win)
  • Money Lines:
    • Nevada (win)
    • Penn State (win)
    • Wisconsin (win)
    • Boise State (win)
    • Georgia Tech (loss)
    • Wyoming (win)
    • Cincinnati (win)
    • Florida State (win)
    • Oklahoma (win)
    • Alabama (win)
    • Clemson (win)
    • Stanford (win)
    • Oklahoma State (win)
    • LSU (win)
    • Oregon (win)
    • Hawaii (loss)

NFL Week 6:

  • Eagles -1.5 (win)
  • Lions -4.5 (loss)
  • Saints -4.5 (loss)
  • Money Lines:
    • Eagles (win)
    • Patriots (win)
    • Saints (loss)
    • Steelers (win)
    • Lions (loss)
    • Jets (win)

MLB Postseason Division Series:

  • Game 5’s
    • New York Yankees (loss)
    • Philadelphia Phillies (loss)
    • Milwaukee Brewers (win)

Overall in betting on college football I am 35 – 40 (87.5% win percentage), betting on the NFL I am 5 – 9 (55% win percentage), and betting on MLB I am 1 – 3 (33% win percentage). All signs say I should stick with college. This is a good way to gauge your betting and find out what you are best at.

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One Response to Betting Recap

  1. Howie says:

    Thank you again for your insight, it has helped me understand the various bets and odds, very informative!

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