Monday Night Preview

This monday night the Baltimore Ravens visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Ravens, who are first in the AFC North, are looking to win their 4th straight game and improve their overall record to 5 and 1 (the 1 loss coming in week 2 against the Tennessee Titans). The Jaguars are currently 3rd in the AFC South and sit at a record of 1 and 5 (the 1 win coming in week 1 against the Tennessee Titans). On Monday they will be trying to snap a 5 game lossing streak.

In previous match-ups, the Ravens have owned the Jaguars beating them 5 out of 6 times since 2001:

December 28, 2008 BAL 27, JAC 7
November 13, 2005 BAL 3, @JAC 30
November 2, 2003 BAL 24, JAC 17
October 20, 2002 BAL 17, JAC 10
November 25, 2001 BAL 24, @JAC 21
October 28, 2001 BAL 18, JAC 17

I don’t expect anything different to happen in the upcoming game. The Ravens have beaten good teams this year (Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and Houston Texans) and still have something to prove to themselves if they want to make a run at the Super Bowl this year.

The Ravens are averaging 29.6 points per game and only allowing 14.2 points per game. On the other side, the Jaguars are averaging 12 points per game and allowing 22 points per game. On paper this looks to be a blowout for the Baltimore Ravens; however anything can happen, that is why they play the games.

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