Moving Day

Week 9 in college football features a lot of head-to-head top-25 match-ups (wow that is probably a record for the most hyphens used in a series of words). When ranked teams face off this late in the season the games become more intense, meaningful, and teams that play well are able to jump up a couple of spots in the ranks. Of course on the negative side teams that lose these important games often lose their chances of playing in a big bowl game or even the national championship game. Many games also feature teams that were previously in the top-25, and have something to prove by dashing other teams’ hopes. At the end of this week the top-25 standings will surely be shaken up.

Big games to watch for:

#14 Nebraska vs. #11 Michigan State

  • Michigan State is coming off a big, last second victory against Wisconsin last week, and is looking to keep rolling up the ranks. Nebraska is looking for an upset at home.

#16 Texas A&M vs. Missouri

  • Texas A&M faces a tough opponent in Missouri; both teams are trying to gain respect back from early season slip-ups.

#7 Oregon vs. Washington State

  • Oregon is looking to get back into the national championship conversation and cannot afford to lose any more games.

#3 Oklahoma State vs. Baylor

  • Oklahoma State must keep winning to keep their name in the conversation for the national title. Baylor was a strong force at the beginning of the season, and they will be looking to get back into the top-25.

#9 Oklahoma vs. #8 Kansas State

  • Oklahoma is coming of a devastating loss to Texas Tech last week and must win this game to have any shot at a “big” bowl game. Kansas State is looking to stay undefeated and keep their name in the running for their bowl hopes.

#19 Penn State vs. Illinois

  • Penn State, just barely cracking the top-25, must have some convincing wins to move up. Illinois is looking to get back in the mix with an upset this weekend.

#22 Georgia vs. Florida

  • Florida must win this game to get back in the top-25, after suffering tough losses from tough opponents.

#25 West Virginia vs. Rutgers

  • West Virginia has to keep winning to get back to their previous high rankings, and Rutgers is looking to crack the top-25 with a win this week.

Georgia Tech vs. #5 Clemson

  • Clemson has been on the ropes lately with some of their close wins. Georgia Tech is looking to get back to their early season form. Time to see whether Clemson will continue to bend and possibly break.

#6 Stanford vs. #20 USC

  • Stanford cannot afford a loss in order to keep their championship hopes alive. USC will be looking to upset after gaining confidence with recent wins.

Ohio State vs. #15 Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin must rebound after their last second hail-Mary loss to Michigan State last week. Ohio State will be looking to gain respect back by upsetting a ranked team.

2 Responses to Moving Day

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