Sportbook Review: The Wynn Las Vegas

November 26, 2011

While I was down in Las Vegas visiting my family for the Thanksgiving holiday I decided to go check out some of the sportsbooks. I have read numerous articles about new sportsbooks opening up all over the strip in casinos and that they were state of the art this and that. Now naturally one would expect Las Vegas everything to be fancier than the casinos and sportsbooks Reno has to offer. I must say that assumption is absolutely correct.

I visited The Wynn sportsbook and was thoroughly impressed by what they had to offer. The gigantic screens in the very front that displayed the board (where the lines are) and selected games were very appealing. As I entered there was a bar at the front (as most sportsbooks have) then I walked through a field of singular desks probably about 20 rows deep. The total size of the room could be compared with Lucky’s Sportsbook here in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. The thing that caught my eye the most was that at every desk there was an individual television (about 20”). I thought this was extremely cool because most of the sportsbooks in Reno do not even have a place to fill out the tickets, let alone a desk with its own TV. Bettors can sit in the big comfortable leather chairs and watch whichever game they prefer while drinking, eating, and filling out more tickets. What a great way to keep customers entertained.  This is just another example of what makes Vegas …  Vegas.

It was interesting to visit The Wynn and see what they had to offer bettors. However, all in all the bets are just as hard/easy to win at any sportsbook no matter where you are visiting.


Thankful for Football

November 23, 2011

The Thanksgiving day football games are a tradition unlike any other … but let’s be honest, they have not exactly been the best match-ups in recent years. This year however is shaping up to be one of the best Thanksgiving football days ever.

The games start bright and early at 9:30 am with Green Bay visiting Detroit, continuing with the afternoon game at 1:15 pm with Miami visiting Dallas. While everyone is getting ready to eat San Francisco will be kicking off in Baltimore at 5:20 pm. All I know is my spot at the table better have a view of the TV. Just as the games are winding down the tryptophan and booze should kick in and we will fall asleep. I cannot think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving.


Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions: The Packers are undefeated … still. The Lions are good for the first time in awhile, and I guarantee you they are excited for this match-up. The potent offense of Green Bay will have to prove themselves against the Lions nasty defense. If the Detroit D-line can get to Rodgers they will have a chance to win this game. The Packers have a bad run defense, but the Lions don’t have a running game. I like the Packers to win this one in a shootout.

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys: Who cares it’s not the Heat playing the Mavericks. Stay away from betting this game.

San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens: The “Harbowl” as it is being called around the industry will definitely be an exciting game. Brothers John Harbaugh (Raven’s Head Coach) and Jim Harbaugh (49er’s Head Coach) will love to have bragging rights for this game. Both teams are first in their respective divisions. I give the edge to the Raven’s at home, but I like the 49er’s to cover getting 3 points.

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NFL Teams That Do Well ATS

November 19, 2011

It is week 11 in the NFL and by this time of the season we should know who’s who; meaning which teams make us money and which teams do not. I will break down teams with good records ATS and teams with bad records ATS. Either way they will somehow win us money by betting on the teams that cover and betting against the teams that don’t (sometimes bad stats are good haha).

San Francisco 49ers:

They are 8-0-1 (8 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie) ATS this season. This week they are 9.5 point favorites against the Arizona Cardinals. The over/under is 42.

Green Bay Packers:

They are 7-2-0 ATS this season. This week they are 13.5 point favorites against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The over/under is 49.5.

Cincinnati Bengals:

They are 7-2-0 ATS this season. This week they are 7 point underdogs against the Baltimore Ravens. The over/under is 41.

St. Louis Rams:

They are 2-7-0 ATS this season. This week they are 2.5 point favorites against the Seattle Seahawks. The over/under is 38.

San Diego Chargers:

They are 2-7-0 ATS this season. This week they are 4 point underdogs against the Chicago Bears. The over/under is 46.

Cleveland Browns:

They are 1-6-2 ATS this season. This week they are a pick’em game (no spread) against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The over/under is 36.

Here are six games that bettors can win money off of just by looking at how teams are doing ATS. If you are feeling really confident turn this into a 12-teamer with the over/under picks in there as well. GOOD LUCK!

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K-State Still Underdogs

November 18, 2011

I must admit I did not know Kansas State was this good ATS until I read a blog that I follow called Beyond the Bets. Sure enough I checked the Wildcats’ stats, and it is true. Kansas State holds the second best record for covering spreads at 8 and 2; only behind Stanford who is 9 and 1 ATS.

Why are they still underdogs and getting no respect in the sportsbooks? The answer is simple … who cares. This is easy money for bettors. Kansas State has 5 wins outright this season in games in which they have been underdogs; not only did they cover they won on the money line too. This week they are going into Texas to face the 23rd ranked Longhorns. Currently the line is sitting at 8.5, so Kansas State is +8.5. Lately in college football getting points has been a good thing and I expect the Wildcats to keep rolling and covering.

Some other teams that have flown under the radar with 8 and 2 records ATS are: Vanderbilt, Louisiana Tech, Houston, Western Kentucky, and Arkansas State. Do not be afraid to take underdogs when teams haves proven they can cover.

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The Jets Fly to Mile High

November 16, 2011

Another week of the Thursday night NFL game; this week features the New York Jets taking on the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium in Colorado. These two teams have pretty much had disappointing seasons so far but are not out of the playoff picture yet. Both will be trying to get a much needed win and start some momentum to finish the second half of the season strong.

The New York Jets are coming off of a devastating 37 to 16 home loss to the division-rival New England Patriots. They currently sit at a record of 5-4, 2nd in the AFC East. The Denver Broncos are coming off of a 2-game road winning streak and currently sit at a record of 4-5, 2nd in the AFC West.

Breakdown: Both teams have beat-up running backs that are either questionable or will not play in the game. The Jet’s LaDainian Tomlinson is unlikely to play after suffering a knee injury in the 4th quarter last Sunday against the Patriots. The Broncos lost Knowshon Moreno for the season when he tore his ACL, and Willis McGahee is questionable with a hamstring injury. The reason I mention this is because both offenses rely a lot on the running game, the Broncos especially. Last Sunday against the Cheifs, Tim Tebow only attempted 8 passes, completing 2 of them. The Jets defense will have to prove early that they can stop the option-style offense run by Denver, and force Tebow to pass a little more. The Jets offense needs to get out of the slump they have been in and stay focused for the entire game instead of just a few drives.

Possible Bets for the game: The line for the game opened up with the Jets being 4 point favorites (-4) with an over/under of 42. The spreads have since moved to Jets -6.5 with an over under of 40.5. There are also some prop bets that the sportsbooks are offering for this game:

  • Tebow’s Total Completions o/u 11
  • Tebow’s Total Passing Yards o/u 133.5
  • Tebow’s Total TD Passes o/u 1.5
  • Tebow Throws an Interception Yes/No
  • Tebow Rushes for a TD Yes/No

Prediction: Take the Jets -6.5; over 40.5; under 11 completions; over 133.5 passing yds; under 1.5 TD passes; yes interception; no rushing TD. Jets win 31 to 10.

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NFC North Showdown

November 12, 2011

On Monday Night Football next week (11/14) the NFC North’s best will host the NFC North’s worst. The Minnesota Vikings will be going into Green Bay to play the undefeated Packers. Lots of people have already crowned the Packers to be NFC champs again this season, but it is a little too early to do that. I don’t think the Packers will buy into all the hype that everyone is giving them; they will stay focused and pay great attention to each team each week.

The Vikings might be the worst team in the NFC North, but that can sometimes be the most dangerous team to be playing because the team has nothing to lose. Minnesota has shown promise as of late with their rookie QB Christian Ponder, and not to mention they have one of the most explosive running backs in the game in Adrian Peterson.

Prediction: The spread is 13.5 in favor of Green Bay and the over/under 51.5. Ultimately the Packers at home in Lambeau Field will be too much for the Vikings, but I don’t think it will be the route that everyone is expecting. I’m expecting to see a close game throughout with the Packers eventually pulling away by the middle of the 3rd quarter. The Packers will cover the spread but not by much. The over/under is a little too high for my liking; 52 points will be tough to come by in the cold Wisconsin climate. Green Bay Packers 27, Minnesota Vikings 10.

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Biased Betting

November 11, 2011

This is probably a post that I should have written well before now, but better late than never. Biased betting is not smart. Frankly many people are blinded by their pride and respect for their favorite team that sometimes they don’t realize it is not the way to go. I totally understand what being a fan entails, and that a fan has faith in their team no matter what, but if your team sucks they will lose you money … bottom line.

The only reason I, or anyone for that matter, makes a wager is to win money. When a bettor is making decisions and analyzing games they must have an objective mindset. This means that all bias must be set aside and the bettor must look at the facts. When you start betting with your heart instead of your head you need to stop and re-evaluate your situation.

I have a friend, who has given me permission to use this example, that recently lost a big chunk of change on the Chargers, Raiders game last night. First of all I’d like to make it clear that if he had read my previous post this never would’ve happened because the Raiders won, therefore covered, but that’s neither here nor there. As you probably guessed my friend is a Chargers fan and he bet on them. This was a terrible move because he was blinded by his adoration for his team and he could not make the smart decision to take the other team, or simply stay away from betting that game. When you have a bias towards a particular team, good or bad, my advice is to not even mess with the game. If you are able to take emotion out of the situation you will give yourself a much better chance at winning.

I’m not saying it is bad to bet on your favorite team; just make sure it is the smart pick. And if your team is terrible, be smart and take whoever they’re playing. It won’t hurt as bad when your team loses, and you can be happy with them because they won you money.