K-State Still Underdogs

I must admit I did not know Kansas State was this good ATS until I read a blog that I follow called Beyond the Bets. Sure enough I checked the Wildcats’ stats, and it is true. Kansas State holds the second best record for covering spreads at 8 and 2; only behind Stanford who is 9 and 1 ATS.

Why are they still underdogs and getting no respect in the sportsbooks? The answer is simple … who cares. This is easy money for bettors. Kansas State has 5 wins outright this season in games in which they have been underdogs; not only did they cover they won on the money line too. This week they are going into Texas to face the 23rd ranked Longhorns. Currently the line is sitting at 8.5, so Kansas State is +8.5. Lately in college football getting points has been a good thing and I expect the Wildcats to keep rolling and covering.

Some other teams that have flown under the radar with 8 and 2 records ATS are: Vanderbilt, Louisiana Tech, Houston, Western Kentucky, and Arkansas State. Do not be afraid to take underdogs when teams haves proven they can cover.

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