Sportbook Review: The Wynn Las Vegas

While I was down in Las Vegas visiting my family for the Thanksgiving holiday I decided to go check out some of the sportsbooks. I have read numerous articles about new sportsbooks opening up all over the strip in casinos and that they were state of the art this and that. Now naturally one would expect Las Vegas everything to be fancier than the casinos and sportsbooks Reno has to offer. I must say that assumption is absolutely correct.

I visited The Wynn sportsbook and was thoroughly impressed by what they had to offer. The gigantic screens in the very front that displayed the board (where the lines are) and selected games were very appealing. As I entered there was a bar at the front (as most sportsbooks have) then I walked through a field of singular desks probably about 20 rows deep. The total size of the room could be compared with Lucky’s Sportsbook here in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. The thing that caught my eye the most was that at every desk there was an individual television (about 20”). I thought this was extremely cool because most of the sportsbooks in Reno do not even have a place to fill out the tickets, let alone a desk with its own TV. Bettors can sit in the big comfortable leather chairs and watch whichever game they prefer while drinking, eating, and filling out more tickets. What a great way to keep customers entertained.  This is just another example of what makes Vegas …  Vegas.

It was interesting to visit The Wynn and see what they had to offer bettors. However, all in all the bets are just as hard/easy to win at any sportsbook no matter where you are visiting.


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